New Immigrant: Anton’s Story

Anton’s nerves were shattered. His town in Donetsk, Ukraine, has been under siege since 2014. As the brutal fighting took its toll on him, he finally moved to Israel, looking for peace. 

Anton arrived a year ago in a new country, suffering from post-traumatic stress. Registered as disabled at age 50, he works in a special program at a factory that pays little. 

Living alone in a tiny, old apartment in Nof HaGalil in Galilee, he has followed the conflict in Ukraine. When the Russian forces advanced, he watched in dismay, since his family and friends there can no longer contact him. He learned that the house he built was destroyed. 

Added to that, his cramped apartment had no air conditioning or heat, which made hot summers and cold winters unbearable. With no money for extras, Anton felt utterly alone. 

But thankfully, friends like you reached out to him through CBN Israel. Caring donors gave him a new heating and air conditioning unit—keeping him cool all summer and warm in winter. They also provided him with vouchers, to buy groceries and other essentials. Anton said gratefully, “Thank you… you have no idea how much your kindness has blessed and encouraged me.”

And your gift to CBN Israel can bring a lifeline of hope to many like Anton. You can be there for those in crisis situations with food, housing, job training, and financial aid—assuring them that they are not alone. As thousands across Israel struggle to make ends meet, your support can offer hope to Holocaust survivors, single mothers, refugees, and more. 

Please join us in helping to touch lives today!


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