Elderly Widow: Valentina’s Story

After many years in Ukraine, working full-time until retirement age, Valentina and her husband found themselves in a system that pays little in retirement benefits. She admitted, “It is hard to rest and enjoy your final years when you find yourself struggling to survive.” 

However, in Israel, even if citizens are poor, the welfare system offers them essential medical and social welfare. So the couple immigrated to Israel in 1999, to enjoy their twilight years in a place they call their ancestral homeland. And for a time, they lived there comfortably. 

Then, about 15 years ago, her husband became very ill and died. Valentina managed alone until 2020, when she suffered a heart attack, had surgery, and was in a coma for six days. Now in her 80s, she is happy to be alive, but finds it hard to survive financially. Unfortunately, Valentina’s income falls below the poverty line. She can barely afford the basics, and often must make difficult decisions about which needs are most urgent. At her age, who could she turn to? 

But then, friends like you reached out to her. Through CBN Israel, caring donors gave her vouchers, so she could purchase groceries, medicine and other necessities. They also provided her with a beautiful new couch, giving her a more comfortable place to rest. Valentina was thrilled, and exclaimed, “Thank you—I am so grateful for your love and support!” 

And for so many others with nowhere to turn, your gift to CBN Israel can provide housing, nutritious food, financial assistance, and more. With the needs escalating across the Holy Land, your continued support is a lifeline to Holocaust survivors, single moms, immigrant families, and terror victims. 

Please consider reaching out to help others in this special land today!


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