Emergency Bomb Shelters

The Israeli communities neighboring Hamas-ruled Gaza have endured years of rocket and terror attacks from across the border. From there, terrorists have fired rockets and missiles for years, and their range, arsenal and accuracy are only intensifying. 

Israel’s government does everything it can to offer security and protection for all of its citizens. Yet in a number of places along the Israel-Gaza border, it has been difficult to keep up with the demand for outdoor bomb shelters. 

Imagine picking up your children or grandchildren from elementary school and suddenly hearing a red alert siren—giving you less than 10-15 seconds to find shelter from an incoming rocket. That’s the nightmarish reality for thousands of people who live in close proximity to Israel’s dangerous border with Gaza. 

But through CBN Israel, compassionate friends like you have helped make it possible install dozens of brand-new outdoor emergency bomb shelters for communities in strategic locations that will help save lives. 

“I feel so blessed and honored to witness such wonderful human kindness in times like these,” says Daniel, the head of security for one kibbutz near the border. “This community is so important to me, and the bomb shelter you donated is giving our people more peace of mind than you know. I am so thankful for your generous heart!” 

And your generous gift today can help many other terror victims, lonely refugees, and families in need—providing encouragement and generous aid. Thank you for caring! 

At this crucial time in the Holy Land, your support can be a lifeline to those who are in crisis. You can bring groceries, financial help, safe housing, job training, and more—while sharing vital news and stories from Jerusalem. 

Please help us reach out and make a difference! 


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