New Immigrant: Tanya’s Story

She was blind, Jewish, and came alone from Russia to Israel in 2018 to become a citizen. Living by herself in the northern city of Karmiel, she depends completely on the government to survive—along with a caretaker, who comes for a few hours. Still, she’s grateful for all she has.

She is comfortable in her neighborhood; with everything she needs nearby. She has even learned to walk those short distances on her own, which, being blind, is a huge accomplishment. 

Recently, Tanya had problems with her teeth, and required dental prosthetics. Sadly, the dental clinic botched the work—leaving her with no teeth and needing dentures urgently. She found another dentist who could do the work, but she couldn’t afford it. Who could help her? 

Thankfully, friends like you were there for her through CBN Israel. Donors provided grant money to cover the cost—and Tanya is thrilled to be eating and smiling again! They also gave her vouchers for food and necessities. Plus, they are connecting her with local partners who can offer her more services, given her blindness, and provide beyond what the government covers. 

In addition, she is thrilled that her son and his family finally immigrated to Israel and moved not far away so they can visit her—and her grandson sometimes comes to help her! 

Because you cared, Tanya is living a fuller life. And your gift to CBN Israel can help so many in need receive groceries, housing, financial aid, and more. With the influx of refugees and colder weather, your support is crucial. You can provide a lifeline to single mothers, Holocaust survivors, refugees, and more. 

Please join with us to make a difference today!


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