New Immigrant: Lyuba’s Story

The Russian invasion had begun—and Lyuba was terrified. Living in Ukraine with her husband Michael, she recalled, “When we heard the bombs in the morning, we knew the war had come. We saw how brave our men were as they defended our city.”

At 70 years old, Lyuba felt trapped in her own home. She and Michael hid in their dark, frigid basement to stay alive, and wore as much clothing as possible to keep warm. Ten days later, the couple decided to flee to Israel. Escaping under gunfire, they could only take one suitcase. Crossing into Moldova, they had to stay in a camp, with a dozen people in each room.

Eventually, they were able to land in Israel by way of a rescue flight and settled near Nazareth. Lyuba was relieved to be in a safer place. But how would they survive?

Thankfully, friends like you were there. Through CBN Israel, caring donors gave them food vouchers, appliances, and other essentials. “We were so happy to be received warmly in Israel. Everything we have was donated to us,” Lyuba exclaimed. “We are so thankful for the washing machine, refrigerator, and vouchers to buy groceries. We are grateful for so much support and kindness!”

Your gifts to CBN Israel can provide support and kindness in so many ways to those who are struggling in the Holy Land. You can offer them food, shelter, financial aid, job training, and more. You can be a friend to those with nowhere to turn.

More and more people across Israel desperately need our help. Your support can bring compassionate relief and encouragement to elderly Holocaust survivors, terror victims, single mothers, new immigrants, and others.

Please join us in blessing those in need today!


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