Urgent Relief for Terror Victims

The immediate aftermath of a terror attack presents enormous challenges for the victims and their families. These can include an urgent need for childcare while a family member is hospitalized, having to take leave from work, and the pressure to replace essential belongings destroyed by rockets and other weapons of terror.

Fortunately, through CBN Israel and our local partners, compassionate friends like you are there with immediate relief to help meet the urgent critical needs of Israelis whose lives have been torn apart by terror, violence, and post-traumatic stress. 

What’s more, through our special partnership with The Jewish Agency for Israel, caring donors are making it possible for survivors to receive the ongoing care they need to recover from trauma and rebuild their lives—care that includes psychological counseling, job retraining, and more. Within 48 hours of an event, a representative visits the victims and provides comfort and emergency financial aid. 

Danielle Mor, who is with the Jewish Agency, describes just how critical CBN Israel’s support is for victims of terror: “According to studies in recovery and resiliency, people who have suffered terrorist attacks often succumb to the feeling that the world is a cruel place and their trust in people is shattered. The experience often tests a person’s faith.”

Mor goes on to explain, “As Jews, they expect to receive support from their people and government. But when support and kindness is extended from an unexpected source—and in this context, a gift from Christians—it helps to shift the scale to having their faith reaffirmed.”

Because of you, we can counter these vicious attacks with tangible expressions of love and compassion. You can make it possible to respond quickly as new threats arise, protecting the vulnerable and aiding the victims.

Please help us reach out and make a difference! 


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