Rescuing Food for Israel’s Hungry

The lingering economic damage caused by COVID-19 is significant. Israel’s government employment office predicts that unemployment will not return to pre-pandemic levels until 2025. And sadly, the people affected most are those who live on the periphery—including the elderly, immigrants, refugees, and poverty-stricken families.

The southern region of Israel in particular has seen a disproportionate level of unemployment. Thousands of people in these areas live below the poverty line and are at risk of food insecurity. To make matters worse, citizens of Israel’s south must also contend with the ongoing stress of living under the constant threat of rocket and other terror attacks from Gaza.

But thanks to compassionate friends like you, CBN Israel is linking arms with Israel’s national food bank to “rescue” fresh produce from fields and packing houses and deliver nutritious food packages to those who need them most in the Gaza border region. 

Trained staff and volunteers enter fields and orchards to pick surplus produce that farmers have not harvested and would otherwise go to waste, while trucks collect from packing houses excess produce that was slated for disposal. The rescued produce is returned to a logistics center for sorting and packaging and then redistributed to 300 nonprofit organizations, providing those at risk with a crucial source of nutrition. 

Through CBN Israel and our local partners, caring donors are providing food packages with fresh fruits and vegetables to needy communities across the Gaza border region. Abigal, a single mom, shares, “I have three children, and I need help to provide for them. Because of this special program, I am able to get the food and support I need. I am very thankful for all of your help.”  

In these challenging times, you can let so many in desperate situations know they are not forgotten—by offering food, clothing, housing, financial aid, and encouragement. 

Will you reach out in love and kindness to those in need?


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