New Immigrant: Victoria’s Story

When the Russian invasion began, Victoria was 40 years old, and living in Ukraine with her husband and children. She believed the war would be short-lived, and that world leaders would stop it within days. She was wrong. Both of her sisters tried to convince her to flee.

Finally, she and her husband packed the car with the bare essentials, and left home with their three kids. Gasoline was scarce, and traffic was terrible with so many trying to escape. When the couple saw tanks outside of their city, they drove to another city to stay with relatives. However, there were already three other families staying there.

They eventually found another place to stay—yet they didn’t feel welcome there because they are Jewish. So, they decided to immigrate to Israel. They crossed into Moldova, and the Jewish Agency helped them secure safe passage to Israel, where they settled near Nazareth. As they started over in a new country with few possessions, they needed help. 

And friends like you came to their rescue. Through CBN Israel, donors brought them furniture—along with groceries and essentials. Victoria shared, “We now tell everyone about CBN Israel, and how you helped us. Your support has brought such hope and comfort to our family!” 

Your gifts to CBN Israel can deliver hope and comfort to even more people in need, by offering nutritious food, housing, furniture, and financial aid. Today in the Holy Land, growing numbers of people are hurting, and need assistance to survive. 

Your support can reach out to Holocaust survivors, new immigrants, victims of terrorism, and single mothers. Please consider a gift to help others today!


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