Food Blesses Struggling Israelis During High Holy Days

Imagine needing to decide each month between paying your rent or having enough to eat.

In recent years, more people in the Holy Land have faced this unspeakable choice. Between the pandemic and the sudden influx of Ukrainian war refugees, Israelis are feeling the effects of global events that have created widespread economic hardship—including food insecurity.

Israeli Humanitarian Aid reports show that over 1.9 million people in Israel live in poverty, with about 850,000 children facing hunger. The most at-risk groups are the young, the elderly, single mothers, and new immigrants. Over 75 percent of those receiving help said they could not afford to purchase enough food—or to buy more when it ran out.

As a result, more Israelis are in serious need of assistance and must rely on monthly support to survive. Some seniors and Holocaust survivors are on fixed incomes that barely cover their expenses. Single parents and new immigrants struggle to find jobs as unemployment rises—along with the high cost of living. Many feel alone and desperate, wondering where to turn for help.

Fortunately, friends like you are there for them through CBN Israel, which has partnered with Israel’s leading food bank to protect households from hunger throughout the year. In fact, during the Jewish High Holy Days this month, caring donors are brightening the holidays for over 2,000 struggling households. They are making it possible to distribute high-quality nutritious food packages to low-income families and aging Holocaust survivors—giving them enough to eat for a month!

And your gift to CBN Israel lets even more hurting people know that someone cares all year round—by offering groceries, housing, financial aid, and more. Your continued support will reach out beyond the holidays and give compassionate relief to those who need our help. Thank you for blessing others!

Will you reach out in kindness and compassion to those in need?


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