Life-Changing Surgery: Bisan’s Story

When Bisan was just a baby, living in Bethlehem, her parents noticed that her one eyelid drooped. They learned she had ptosis—a condition which can lead to chronic headaches and vision problems. Doctors said it could be corrected surgically but advised waiting a few years.

Yet as Bisan grew older and started school, kids teased her—and she often came home in tears. Her father remembers, “I was heartbroken. We wanted to do the surgery as soon as we could, to avoid any more psychological trauma or vision loss this condition could cause her.”

However, when the family found out how much the operation cost, they knew they couldn’t afford it. They were desperate. And then, friends like you made a way.

Through CBN Israel, caring donors sponsored Bisan’s procedure at St. John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem. Her doctor said, “Bisan is four, so this is just the right time for her surgery. We operate on about 100 cases like this every year. It’s common in the Palestinian territories.”

Thankfully, her operation was a success! Her eye healed quickly, and now she can go to school without being bullied. Her father said, “Thank you to everyone who helped us when there was nowhere else to turn. I am grateful to everyone who took such good care of Bisan!”

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