Victim of Terrorism: Esther’s Story

Esther, a single mother with three children, had suffered from domestic violence for 10 years—and needed help making it on her own. When caring donors gave her aid recently through CBN Israel, she said it was like having family there for her, adding, “Thanks to you, I don’t feel like I’m drowning anymore.” But that was only the beginning of the lifeline you provided to Esther.

Just days later, on October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists invaded Esther’s town of Sderot. As the attacks began, she and her three kids quickly escaped to a bomb shelter. Locked in for over 12 hours, with no food or water, Esther was terrified. Who could she trust to get them out?

How grateful we are that friends like you were there for her again! As she frantically texted and called CBN Israel for help to evacuate, our staff contacted the military and the police.

Esther and her children were soon rescued from this horrific war zone. We brought them to a safe place, where they could finally get water, eat a nourishing meal, shower, and enjoy a good night’s sleep. And your gifts to CBN Israel can deliver food, emergency supplies, bomb shelters, and comfort to many more innocent families caught in the crossfire.

Plus, you can assist new immigrants who have escaped war in their own country, impoverished Holocaust survivors, and others in desperate need. You can be there with groceries, shelter, financial help, and most of all, hope.

Your support is crucial at this time. Alice, a staff member working with terror victims, wept, “Thanks to CBN Israel supporters! You have no idea—we’re all crying; this has been a disaster. Your helping us is just a huge ray of light in this darkness.”

Please join us in bringing relief and God’s love to those who are hurting!


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