Victim of Terrorism: David’s Story

David, the leader of a kibbutz near Gaza, was one of the first to realize that his community was under attack from Hamas on October 7. Early that morning, following a massive bombing, David was walking his dog. Suddenly, a caravan of 15 trucks, filled with heavily armed Hamas militants, was headed his way. As a trained soldier, what he saw shocked him.

He observed, “They were very equipped, they knew the area—they understood exactly what they were doing. They’d come to kill and slaughter. I’ve been in fighting; I’ve been in combat. This was not that. This was complete madness.”

Waiting for the Israeli army to arrive, David spent the whole day fighting terrorists, protecting his neighborhood, and putting out fires. Miraculously, he and his family survived. But their kibbutz needed help—and we are so thankful friends like you came to their rescue!

Through CBN Israel, caring donors rushed emergency relief, food, and water to these grateful families. And as the war in the Holy Land rages on, your gifts can provide critical aid—evacuating many to safety, supplying nourishing meals, and offering trauma counseling.

Your donations can also bring relief and encouragement to single mothers, immigrant families, elderly Holocaust survivors, and others battling poverty. Your care and support can enable them to survive in today’s challenging conditions.

And at this time of great upheaval, you can offer those in crisis a friend they can count on. You can deliver crucial supplies to battle zones, while still distributing groceries, financial assistance, and more to those in need.

Please consider a gift today for such a time as this!


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