Victim of Terrorism: Sara’s Story

As we continue seeing tragic news reports about the war in Israel, you have been a true blessing—offering vital aid through CBN Israel to those who were trapped on the frontlines.

Many living by the Gaza border were forced to flee. Their homes were destroyed, they suffered trauma, lost loved ones, and they feared the possibility of Hamas terrorists still roaming nearby in Israel. In the midst of all this, our partners helped these victims escape to safety.

Sara and her family were among those evacuated from the Gaza border. She initially panicked, saying, “We didn’t know what we were going to do. Where are we going to go?” But friends like you brought her and other evacuees to Eilat, one of the most peaceful places in Israel right now.

Caring donors met the needs of hundreds of families—transporting them to safe lodging in hotels, far from sirens and bombs. They handed them hot meals, water, clothing, hygiene items—and toys for the children. Plus, they are offering trauma counseling for victims of all ages. Sara exclaimed, “I can’t believe the amazing generosity of people who have helped to make sure that we’re safe. I am so, so thankful!”

Your generous gifts to CBN Israel can also bring essential relief to single mothers, new immigrants, aging Holocaust survivors, and others, who need our assistance to survive in the Holy Land. You can let them know they are not forgotten.

And during this sudden time of turmoil, your support can offer lifegiving aid to growing numbers in crisis. You can rush emergency food, water, and essentials to those on Israel’s frontlines, while supplying ongoing relief to hurting individuals.

Please join us in blessing Israel’s people!


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