Relief for Evacuees and Terror Victims

On the morning of October 7, Israel woke up to what is now being referred to as the deadliest day for the Jewish people since the Holocaust. Hundreds of armed militants simultaneously infiltrated Israel from Gaza with surprise attacks by land, air, and sea.

They left a trail of death, destruction, and suffering in their wake: Some 200 people were taken hostage, over 1,200 Israelis were killed, and many more were injured.

Thousands of deadly rockets fell upon Israel’s major cities and towns, forcing families and entire communities to seek refuge in emergency bomb shelters that friends like you helped make possible over the past several years through CBN Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu then declared war against Hamas to protect Israeli citizens and restore security—mobilizing over 300,000 reservists in addition to Israel’s standing army. Civilians were quickly evacuated from towns near the front lines, creating a need for emergency shelter, supplies, and basic sustenance.

Thanks to caring donors, CBN Israel was there to meet the immediate requirements of hundreds of families who live along the Israel-Gaza border. We provided evacuees with transportation to safety, as well as temporary housing, food, water, hygiene items—even toys and games for children. We are also offering trauma counseling for the victims of these horrible attacks. 

“We are just so thankful for the people who organized and donated so that we can have somewhere to stay,” exclaimed an evacuee named Sara. “I can’t believe the amazing generosity of people who have helped to make sure we are safe.”

Your prayers and support can be powerful reminder to Israel and the Jewish people that Bible-believing Christians like you are standing with them during these difficult days.

Please join us in blessing Israel and her people in their time of need!


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