Victims of Terrorism: Omer and Gal-Lee’s Story

Omer, Gal-Lee, and their one-year-old daughter live on Israel’s Gaza border, and are used to occasional rocket alerts. But on the morning of October 7, something was different.

Waking to the sound of bombs raining down, the couple jumped out of bed, grabbed their baby, and ran to their shelter. Gal-Lee held her little girl close, while Omer shut the doors. As he closed the iron window, he heard AK-47 rounds fired. He looked at Gal-Lee and said, “Get to the car—we’re leaving.” They fled just in time. Five minutes later, Hamas invaded their kibbutz.

More than 1,000 armed Hamas terrorists had broken through the fence and spread into the nearby communities. During their escape, the couple saw the damage to their own home through their baby monitor. Kibbutz Re’im and other communities in the area were decimated.

Fortunately, friends like you were there to help Gal-Lee, Omer, and others evacuate to safety. Through CBN Israel, donors provided them with food, water, and temporary shelter far from the frontlines—to heal from the trauma and find hope for the future. Gal-Lee shares, “It’s showing us a light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that people support us. They hear us. They are mourning with us. And they will help us build back our homes from the ashes.”

Your gifts to CBN Israel can rush vital aid to war victims, while also delivering food and essentials to aging Holocaust survivors, single mothers, and immigrants.

And as the war continues, your support to CBN Israel can be a lifeline to so many in need. You can provide groceries, housing, financial help, and more to those in the Holy Land who need our assistance.

Please join us in blessing this special land and its people today!



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