Easing Loneliness for Holocaust Survivors

They escaped a world that was hunting them down. Since the Second World War, Israel has been a haven for multitudes of Jewish people who survived the Holocaust. But those who managed to live through that huge battle are now facing new challenges as they continue to grow older. 

As of last year, there are approximately 147,000 Holocaust survivors residing in Israel. Many of these vulnerable seniors are living at or below the poverty line—and struggle to keep up with ever-rising costs for medications, groceries, and rent. Some grapple to understand Hebrew, making it hard to connect with others, get necessities, and navigate a complex bureaucracy.

And 40 percent of survivors deal with crushing loneliness. They have lost many friends and loved ones who have passed, and struggle to cope with the isolation that affects both their physical and mental health. 

But friends like you are there for these precious seniors. Donors enable CBN Israel to partner with the Jewish Agency to offer a vital program that matches Holocaust survivors with caring young adults. They provide training and college scholarships for their volunteer commitment. 

And they offer these elderly survivors vital companionship, while helping them with errands, chores, and accessing benefits, services, and community activities that enrich their quality of life. 

For example, Anna, an active 91-year-old Holocaust survivor whose entire family was murdered, was teamed in a special friendship with Leah, a graduate student. Anna says, “We talk about all the issues of the world… I can always rely on Leah.” She adds, “When Leah comes to visit me, the room is filled with so much light!” 

Leah concurs, “I always say, Anna has become like family to me. I feel so privileged to know her and to be there for her when she needs me. Plus, I have learned so much from Anna’s wealth of wisdom and life experience.” Leah plans to stay in touch with Anna after she completes her master’s degree. 

This is just one of the many ways you can bless Holocaust survivors through CBN Israel. And as the war with Hamas continues, you can also reach out to others in dire need—including terror victims and displaced families—with food, clothing, and shelter, and letting them know they are not alone.

Please join us in offering tangible help and hope during this dark hour for Israel.


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