Single Mother: Veronica’s Story

Veronica came to Israel 27 years ago from Mexico, and lives in a kibbutz near Jerusalem. When she and her husband separated 12 years ago, she raised their two boys alone—with no child support, or family nearby. But after the October 7 attacks, life got more challenging.

Her sons, now ages 23 and 21, are in the military. Veronica shared, “It was shocking to suddenly see my son coming into the room and saying, ‘I’ve been called—I have to go.’” She prays for her boys serving with the IDF in Gaza, even as she hears rockets flying over her own area. She adds, “You feel like this is a movie, this is not happening…” So how does she cope?

Thanks to friends like you, Veronica has found help for the past 10 years through CBN Israel’s support group for single moms. Caring donors have created a special community for these women in many ways, which includes shared meals, financial assistance, and holiday gatherings.

In fact, donors were there for Veronica two years earlier, when she received short notice that she had to vacate her home. The kibbutz offered her a much smaller house that was 75 years old, had no kitchen or working bathroom, and was in terrible disrepair. With no job or savings, she wept.

But through CBN Israel, donors provided finances, materials, and a construction worker. Together, she and her sons worked with him to repair, paint, and refurbish it to make it a home.

Your gifts to CBN Israel can also offer a lifeline to Holocaust survivors and immigrants—delivering food, shelter, finances, and more to those in need. And as the war continues, your support is crucial in supplying emergency aid to terror victims, while reaching others in crisis.

Please join us in making a difference for others!


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