Protecting Children in Israel’s Daycare Centers

Since the Israel-Hamas war broke out in October, Israelis have been desperate to return to their daily work routine. But a big obstacle has been the lack of bomb shelters in some buildings.

Ilanit discovered this when she tried to re-open her private nursery school that serves over 100 children in central Israel. Israel’s Homefront Command prohibited her daycare and four others from operating because they didn’t have protected spaces.

Their city was under heavy fire, yet the daycare managers couldn’t afford to install shelters. Ilanit said, “It was extremely dangerous. There were many missiles, and we were even hit.” Working parents of small children rely heavily on daycare. How could they return to their jobs?

Then caring friends like you helped make a way through CBN Israel! Alice, head of CBN Israel’s Victims of Terror department, empathized with these parents’ concerns—especially since she herself is a mother of two young children. So, she set out to find a solution.

Although Alice had helped CBN Israel provide dozens of bomb shelters for public areas, building shelters for five private daycares proved much more challenging. “The rockets that are being fired into central Israel from Gaza … are much heavier and stronger,” she explained, so the shelters must be custom made with thicker walls. Also, “they had to have air filters, AC, electricity, and internet. All the bomb shelters must be built to a certain standard to meet the requirements of the Homefront Command.”

Thanks to the support of kindhearted donors, sturdy bomb shelters were installed at the daycare centers, enabling many families to return to work. Plus, the shelters offer safety for neighbors living in unprotected homes nearby. “I feel so safe now,” said Ilanit gratefully. “My staff is protected, and the parents will not be worried.”

And your gifts to CBN Israel can also help war victims with meals, temporary housing, and trauma therapy—while providing essentials for Holocaust victims and families in need.

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