Helping Young New Immigrants Thrive

It’s a giant leap of faith for a young person to leave their native land and immigrate alone to Israel. Yet, it can be a bigger hurdle becoming a citizen and navigating a new culture and language. And since the October 7 attacks, those now coming from Ukraine’s war to another war in Israel are facing compounded challenges. 

That’s why absorption centers, called ulpans, are critical to helping these new arrivals adjust. And friends like you are a vital part of this effort, through CBN Israel’s partnership with the Jewish Agency.

For example, one absorption center in Haifa serves about 250 lone Russians and Ukrainians. Thanks to faithful donors, these students live in a dorm setting, receive intensive Hebrew lessons, and make new friends and connections through the social programs. And learning Hebrew quickly is vital in helping them enter the job market, or higher education.

Nastia, the director of the program, was once a new immigrant herself. In addition to an education, she says that students receive 24/7 mentoring and ample psychological support. As she puts it, “They come alone; they leave as a community.” 

She observes, “When the war broke out here, immigrants heading to Israel didn’t know how to react, but now we see they still want to come. We also expect more immigrants after the war ends.” These absorption centers are important for the future of the students—as well as for Israel’s future.

Nastia added, “If it wasn’t for CBN’s support, we wouldn’t have been able to continue helping and hosting our immigrants. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

That’s just one way your gifts to CBN Israel can offer a helping hand to new immigrants and to Israel—while also providing nutritious meals, housing, and other necessities to those in crisis.

Please join us in reaching out!


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