Single Mother: Valeria’s Story

In 2014, Valeria was living in Ukraine as a single mother of two boys, when her town of Lugansk came under Russian attack. She and her sons fled to Kiev to escape the terror. And then, the entire country was plunged into war. So, the family sought refuge in Israel.

However, after the October 7 Hamas invasion, they were in a war zone again, and their city of Rishon was under massive rocket fire from Gaza. Her sons were afraid, and she couldn’t find work. Any sense of security was gone, and she thought, “Not another war! How can I let my kids go outside?” Desperate, the family evacuated to a friend’s home in Cypress, where Valeria found a place to rent. But soon, her money ran out, and they had to return to Israel.

By now, her older son was traumatized by the war, and needed a therapist. He feared leaving the house, and had major anxiety when Valeria left to get groceries. Valeria works from home, but has very few clients due to the war. The bills were piling up, and she said, “It’s just my kids and me. I didn’t have anyone I could ask for help.” Fortunately, friends like you were there for them.

Through CBN Israel’s partnership with a local ministry, donors gave them food packages, along with finances for extra groceries and essentials. And, they paid off their mounting debt due to lost income. Valeria exclaimed, “Your support has made such a difference for my family!”

Your gifts to CBN Israel can extend a hand to many other single moms and war victims with nowhere to turn. With so many struggling to survive in the Holy Land, your support can offer nutritious meals, housing, and hope to those in crisis.

Please help us bless Israel’s people!


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