Victim of Terrorism: Marina’s Story

Marina found herself nearly paralyzed by fear. She and her son lived in Ashkelon, Israel, just 14 miles from the border with Gaza, when terrorists infiltrated their community on October 7.

In her 45 years, Marina had never experienced that level of trauma—the constant trembling and being sick to her stomach. “You don’t understand what’s happening to you,” she said. “I was drowning emotionally.” Feeling she had nowhere to turn, she cried out in desperation, “God, please help me!”

Then friends like you helped answer her prayer through CBN Israel! Caring donors evacuated Marina and her son to safety at a hotel in Eilat, far from the war zone. They provided nutritious meals, clothing, essentials, and trauma counseling for her and other evacuees—giving them the much-needed assurance that they are not alone.

Marina was effusive in expressing her gratitude. “God works through people, and those people were sent to me.” She continued, “To everyone who helped me and my son—and vulnerable people like us—thank you so much for your kindness, your support, and your help. … You took those people by the hand and guided us to safety.”

And your gifts to CBN Israel can bring hope and healing to others who are hurting—including Holocaust survivors, single mothers, and refugees.

As the war rages on, your generous support can provide groceries, housing, financial aid, and essentials to those struggling to survive in the Holy Land—while broadcasting in-depth news reports from Jerusalem.

Please join us in blessing Israel’s people at this crucial time!


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