Victim of Terrorism: Alina’s Story

Living in Ashkelon in southern Israel, the war was taking its toll on Alina and her family. As they faced 10 days of relentless rocket fire from Gaza, the stress was unbearable. She said, “We saw rockets hitting buildings close to where we live. There was fire all around…At night it would get very scary. The streets were empty. Everything was closed. We just couldn’t relax.”

Working as a hairdresser, Alina explained, “I can’t go to work because we don’t have a bomb shelter nearby. I didn’t know what to do—there was a constant fear.” Plus, her children were crying and on edge. They were all desperate to get out of the city. But where could they go?

Thankfully, friends like you made a way for them. Through CBN Israel, donors evacuated Alina’s family and more than 200 other families to a hotel away from the danger. Here, they can have a break from the trauma and terror, while enjoying themselves and feeling safe. Our partners provided them with meals, safe lodging, and even toys and games for the children.

Her kids play with the other kids, and Alina says gratefully, “They are no longer nervous or anxious. Now they’re more relaxed. They’re having fun here.” She adds, “I still can’t believe that we’re safe, because of generous people far away. You’ve surrounded us with such care. We’re so thankful to CBN… We’ve seen God’s goodness through your support!”

Your gifts to CBN Israel can also bring God’s love and compassion to others in need, including Holocaust survivors, immigrants, and single moms. As the war escalates, more Israelis need our assistance. Your support can deliver food, housing, medical aid, and finances—along with hope.

Please be a part of this special outreach today!


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