Families Receive Wartime Trauma Care and Respite

The October 7th Hamas invasion and continuing war have left many casualties. But one group still feeling the effects has been the families of those who were called up to serve in Gaza.

Husbands were suddenly sent to war, leaving their wives to manage the home and kids alone—while still working regular jobs, and trying to calm their children’s fears and anxieties.

“Most civilians aren’t equipped to deal with such intense circumstances, and it has created a crisis for many in that country,” says Arik Pelled, head of CBN Israel’s Family Department.

Fortunately, friends like you are giving these families a much-needed respite. Through CBN Israel, donors sponsored a weekend retreat in Galilee for 20 families who experienced separation due to the war. They enjoyed time in a restful setting—while a professional psychologist and a parenting coach provided trauma counseling, as well as a listening ear.

Mothers learned how to cope with loneliness and anxiety—and husbands discovered about transitioning from a war setting (perhaps with PTSD) back to mundane daily tasks. Parents reconnected with their kids, while getting vital alone time as a couple. More retreats are planned in the coming months—with the next one hosting 30 new families.

One of the wives said, “Our family went through a difficult time, when Yehuda was called to serve in the war for a long time—more than four months—during which he served in Gaza and was not allowed to make contact. The uncertainty made it difficult for us as a family.”

She thanked donors for a weekend that “wrapped us in warmth and love,” saying, “We knew we were in good hands.”

And your gifts to CBN Israel can also bring food, lodging, and essentials to many other victims of the war—as well as giving ongoing aid to Holocaust survivors, single moms, and refugees.

Please join us in blessing Israel and her people in need!


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