Victim of Terrorism: Nina’s Story

She had lived in fear for 19 years. Nina settled her family in Sderot, Israel, before the missile launches from Gaza had begun. But now, they lived in constant fear of bombings. The relentless blaring of sirens meant it was nearly impossible to rest, to sleep, to live a normal life. They often had to seek cover in bomb shelters. Nina cared for her sick mother and teenage daughter while earning a living, and the stress never ended. How much longer could they go on this way?

She began having panic attacks as her life spiraled out of control. One of CBN Israel’s partners was out shopping when she saw Nina and felt the need to approach her. Within moments a tearful Nina began explaining how she couldn’t sleep at night, her life was a mess, and she didn’t know how to gather her thoughts even for the most straightforward task.

What a fortunate encounter! Our local partners in Sderot, who dedicate their lives helping its people, provide free professional psychological treatments and help residents learn how to cope with the onslaught. With time—and the tools provided—Nina felt more at peace, and she passed on that gift of peace to her mother and daughter. You made it possible for her to receive this life-changing help!

You can be a blessing to so many victims of terrorism like Nina. Your support can provide trauma counseling and financial assistance to those affected by terror as well as emergency response equipment and training for communities on the front lines. Together, we can counter these vicious attacks with tangible expressions of love and compassion.

Your special gift today will also provide help and hope to Holocaust survivors, food and counseling to new immigrants, meals and education to single moms, and so much more. 


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