Single Mother: Wendy’s Story

Wendy was frantic… Abandoned by her husband, who refused to pay child support or alimony, she barely made ends meet. How could she possibly support three children on such a tiny income?

She worked any jobs she could find, just to put food on the table. Yet it was never enough, and Wendy constantly had to borrow money. Digging herself deeper in debt, she was on the verge of being evicted. Desperate, she was running out of hope.

But thanks to friends like you, she discovered CBN Israel’s group for single mothers, and met with Arik, the head of our family department. It was a turning point, and she recalled gratefully, “Meeting Arik saved me from being evicted from my apartment—and from giving up on life.”

Arik helped Wendy develop a budget and financial plan, negotiated with the bank to reduce her debt, and together they developed a long-term strategy. And for 10 years, her life was stable—until the COVID-19 crisis. After losing her job as a kindergarten teacher, she was battling to survive. Thankfully, caring people were there for her again as she reached out to CBN Israel. Arik immediately provided her with groceries—and a month of food vouchers!

Wendy is grateful for CBN Israel’s help to her—and to many single mothers who call Israel their home. And we are also offering aid to refugees, elderly Holocaust survivors, and those in need, especially during this global pandemic.

For many in the Holy Land, the needs are so great. Your support is crucial, and can provide families with food, housing, medical help, financial assistance, and the tools and training to become self-sufficient. Please join us in bringing God’s love to the hurting!


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