Supplies for the Elderly During COVID-19

It’s tragic that so many of Israel’s elderly survived World War II and the Holocaust—only to face the deadly COVID-19 virus. It hit this group the hardest, with almost all of Israel’s coronavirus-related deaths occurring in nursing homes. And it left the survivors feeling completely helpless.

Unlike the rest of the population, Israel’s seniors were quarantined in their apartments, and IDF soldiers made sure no one went in or out. With no visits by family or friends allowed, their only contact was by phone or video chatting—and many don’t own a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

A great number live in government care homes, which offer good medical attention—but lack other amenities of the better private homes. And residents often can’t afford the extra items they need. Most aging Holocaust survivors have no family to look out for them and could not leave their rooms. But thanks to compassionate friends like you, they were not forgotten—CBN Israel was there!

We found out that many of the residents desperately needed small appliances, including microwaves, stoves, and kettles. When the stores reopened, we immediately bought and delivered these items, to their great joy!

Arkadi is a World War II veteran and Holocaust survivor, who lost his family during the war. He shared, “I was so lonely and reached out for help many times, but I was told there was nothing that could be done due to COVID-19. Then you arrived and provided me with the things I needed the most right now. Thank you so much!”

And your gift to CBN Israel can share God’s love beyond this health crisis, bringing a lifeline of food and essentials. Your support is crucial as the cries for help increase. You can provide hope to families struggling to survive in the Holy Land. Please let us hear from you today!


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