Counseling for Terror Victims in Sderot

Loud sirens blaring… frantic scrambling for shelter… a frightening torrent of rocket attacks… For many, this is life in Sderot—a city in southern Israel near the Gaza border.

For residents caught in the crossfire, the challenges are great. Children grow up facing emergency drills and running to bomb shelters. These little ones suffer from anxiety and PTSD, and have trouble sleeping. Nearly half the population has moved out over the years.

Sadly, some can’t afford to leave. Yet the toll of long-term stress and trauma is real—and often debilitating. But friends like you are bringing God’s love and comfort to Sderot’s terror victims.

CBN Israel partners with a professional counselor in Sderot. Rina is an expert at treating those with serious chronic stress disorders, depression, and panic attacks. Broken hearted by the plight of her city, she opened an office at her church. We are providing free counseling there to any who are hurting—as well as offering home visits for those who can’t travel. And we are also there with relief aid, including blankets, diapers, baby food, fans, walkers, and radiators.

One woman shared about Rina, “I have never met anyone with such a kind heart, together with a professional approach to the situation. My life has changed…”

And you can change lives in cities across Israel. You can bring help and hope to lonely Holocaust survivors, immigrants, and more. Your support is crucial as the needs escalate in the Holy Land, especially in the aftermath of the global pandemic. Your gifts can deliver food, housing, job training, and financial assistance to those in crisis. Please join us in reaching others!


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