Aiding Terror Victims with Disabilities

The attacks were relentless. Living in the Israeli city of Sderot means near-constant bombardment from missiles launched by Gaza’s Hamas terrorists. Many individuals, families, and businesses that could leave the chaos have moved out, destroying the city’s life and economy.

Many of those with physical, emotional and mental disabilities have been left behind, however, trying to navigate life in such bewildering daily turmoil as best they can. Thankfully, some residents have chosen to stay and fight—nurturing the city and its people.

For the disabled, one strategic partner of CBN Israel is helping many of these people in need: the Gvanim Association. This remarkable outfit provides programs that advance independent living, offering the tools needed to empower individuals and help them reach their full potential.

Gvanim is responsible for over 2,000 people with various disabilities in Sderot and beyond, all victims of terrorism. After each bombing attack, these highly trained volunteers help every resident get to safety and deal with anxiety.

“Helping people with various disabilities deal with anxiety is a hundred times harder for our team, given their unique situations,” says Gvanim cofounder and head, Nitai Shreiber. CBN Israel is linking arms with outstanding partners like Gvanim to reach out to so many vulnerable people impacted by terror.

Through CBN Israel, you can provide trauma counseling and urgent assistance to those affected by terror as well as emergency response equipment and training for communities on the front lines.

You can be a tangible blessing to so many Israelis who face the ongoing threat and danger of terrorism.


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