Single Mother: Shlomit’s Story

She is a single mother of four young children—ages 2, 4, 5, and 7. And living in Israel, Shlomit worked hard at her job as a caretaker for the elderly… until the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“People are very scared of the virus, so they are taking care of their aging parents themselves,” Shlomit explained. “Now I have no work, no income, and no way to put bread on the table.” She went to sleep each night in tears, praying, “Please, Lord… just help us get through the next day. Help us to survive!” And then, you provided an answer to her prayers.

A friend told Shlomit about CBN Israel, and now, we bring her groceries and essentials, including diapers for her toddler. We also provide her with her gift cards to buy other necessities. Thanks to friends like you, her little ones have plenty to eat—and she knows someone cares.

“This help means everything to me and my children,” Shlomit exclaims. “We are experiencing God’s love through you. I don’t feel like I’m alone in this anymore. In spite of everything, I have hope!” She added, “It fills my heart with joy, knowing that even in this pandemic, you didn’t forget us in Israel. All I can say is a very big thank you.”

And CBN Israel is letting so many others in the Holy Land know they are not forgotten—including lonely refugees, aging Holocaust survivors, and terror victims. We are offering them food and vital supplies, now and beyond the pandemic.

Your support can offer compassionate relief to Israel’s most vulnerable citizens—while reporting headline stories through CBN News in Jerusalem, and producing documentaries that share Israel’s stories.

Please consider joining us with a gift to help those living in this special land!


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