World War II Veteran: Arkadi’s Story

It was December 1942, and Arkadi was enjoying a relaxing visit with relatives in Minsk, Belarus. Suddenly, the Nazis raided the city overnight. His loved ones were taken away to the ghetto, as he witnessed a massacre—with the dead piled up in the streets. He recalled, “I wish I could erase this horrible memory…I still see and hear the cries of the people.” 

Arkadi went into hiding, and joined a group of partisans. They organized attacks on the Nazis—bombing their weapon storages, cars, and military bases. More brave Jewish and non-Jewish men and women joined them in fighting back against the horrors of the Third Reich. Arkadi was given an award for his valor by the USSR after World War II ended.  

Today, Arkadi is a 97-year-old veteran and Holocaust survivor, living in Israel. But he can barely walk and needed a walker to help him move around the house. Who could help him? 

Thankfully, friends like you were there. CBN Israel provided him with a new walker, so he can be more mobile and independent. He is thrilled by all we are doing to support elderly Israelis and Holocaust survivors, even during a pandemic, saying, “I am beyond grateful!” 

And CBN Israel is also offering much-needed help at this critical time to single mothers, immigrant families, terror victims, lone soldiers, and more. We are delivering food and vital necessities and bringing hope to the hurting. 

So many people across the Holy Land need help. Your generous support can bring groceries, housing, medicine, and financial aid to those who struggle—while also broadcasting Israel’s important stories through CBN News.

Please help us bless this special land and her people in need!


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