Blessing Arab Communities in Israel

Lost employment, closed businesses, lockdowns…The current pandemic has brought hardship across the Holy Land. And CBN Israel has delivered aid to many during this time. But how do you reach those who are desperate—yet have a hard time asking for help?

That describes many of Israel’s 1.8 million Israeli Arab citizens. Since their culture fosters discretion, pride, and shame, it is hard for them to admit their need. CBN Israel looked for a way to reach these suffering families. And then we partnered with Sam, a local Israeli Arab.

Working with vulnerable Arab populations, Sam understands their culture. He prayed that God would guide him to those in greatest need. One day at work, he was talking with the Arab office cleaning staff. They were from a poor Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem, where residents live in terrible conditions. Some even lack running water, or a proper roof over their heads. Many have struggled during COVID-19 to provide for their large families.

Sam shared with them that God had spoken to him of their plight—and that CBN Israel wanted to bless them with food vouchers to buy groceries. They were so moved—some also gave vouchers to hurting neighbors. And as doors have opened, we have been there with more food vouchers, medicine, and essentials to Arab families there, and in the West Bank.

CBN Israel is also reaching others in crisis, including single mothers, refugees, Holocaust survivors, terror victims, and lone soldiers. Your support is crucial in offering relief aid across Israel, now and beyond the pandemic.

You can provide food, housing, financial assistance, and more. Please join us in bringing help and encouragement to others!


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