New Immigrant: Sergey’s Story

Working as accountants in Kazakhstan, Sergey and his wife Alina are a Jewish couple who felt drawn to live in Israel. They finally immigrated with their two children. They also had a passion for the world of beauty and hair styling and used the move to change careers. 

Arriving in Israel, the couple cleaned buildings for a living, and attended beauty school at night. He studied hair styling, while she did facials and beauty treatments. It was a busy year of work, school, caring for their kids, and learning Hebrew. But they graduated, opening a salon in their own apartment. It was so successful that soon they were able to relocate it to a rented space. 

Then, COVID-19 struck—with all beauty salons in lockdown. Although Sergey and his wife were frugal, they still had to pay the salon’s rent, bills, and loan payments, even while it was closed. With no income, their savings ran out, and their debts began piling up. 

Thankfully, CBN Israel’s business development department reached out to Sergey and Alina, who shared their plight. We offered them timely economic guidance, along with crucial financial aid that helped this family survive. They were finally able to reopen, and Sergey said, “If it weren’t for CBN Israel… we would have had to close our business and wouldn’t have been able to put food on the table. We are so thankful!”

And CBN Israel is helping many more during this global pandemic—including desperate immigrants, Holocaust survivors, young families, and more. Your support is urgently needed, as the cries continue across the Holy Land for groceries, housing, and more.

You can bless so many in need. Please join us in offering a lifeline to those who are vulnerable and struggling!


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