Business Development: Nathanial’s Story

Nathanial had a rough start in life that could have held him back. He grew up in a poor Israeli neighborhood, with only his mother to offer him encouragement. Yet, this brilliant young man loved computers, and had a vision to make his mark in the field of computer cybernetics.

As a 20-year-old soldier in the IDF, he developed a software program that protected and secured information inside military bases. He faced many obstacles in developing this into a business and making a living. But Nathanial had just started the process of selling his software to the military—and then, COVID-19 hit, putting the process on hold.

Meanwhile, his expenses to maintain, develop, and run his fledgling company remained the same. During the lockdown, tens of thousands of Israel’s businesses went bankrupt, or closed due to massive debt. Where could he turn for help? Thankfully, friends like you were there.

Through CBN Israel’s business development department, he learned step-by-step how to formulate a business plan. During his military service, he took our annual business course, and learned how to thrive in a COVID-19 world. CBN Israel has also offered zero-interest grants and loans to struggling businesses like his—helping them survive and avoid bankruptcy. Nathanial says, “I owe so much to CBN Israel for their help and support during these hard times!”

And CBN Israel is doing much more to bring aid during this pandemic. We are there for Holocaust survivors, single mothers, and refugees. As cries for help in the Holy Land continue, your support is crucial. You can deliver groceries, housing, and other essentials to desperate families. 

Please join us in reaching out to those who need our help!


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