Victim of Terrorism: Zeev’s Story

How sobering it is to know that we are witnessing the last generation of Holocaust survivors in Israel. Most are in their 90s, and many came to their ancestral homeland following the horrific events of World War II. They were broken but determined to fight the war of Israel’s birth and independence—straight from the ashes of Europe. And this is our last opportunity to bless and serve them. 

Life is still a struggle for these aging seniors, even with government benefits. For instance, Zeev is a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor in Israel. He still remembers the bombing of his Ukraine town when he was 10, being taken to a concentration camp—and not knowing for two years that his mother was in the same camp until they were reunite by chance. 

Today, Zeev lives in the city of Sderot. His wife died five years ago, and he lives alone. Zeev endured a terrible scare when his apartment was hit by a missile attack from Gaza. Basic repairs were made, but more work was needed. Thankfully, you were there to help. Zeev belongs to a congregation that partners with CBN Israel to offer aid to Holocaust survivors and terror victims—and they told us about Zeev’s plight. 

We provided a special grant to make needed repairs and repaint his apartment, making it safe and clean. Zeev is grateful, saying, “Thank you so much for your help, and for enabling me to live in a much better living space, and breathe cleaner air!”

And your gift to CBN Israel can bless many other Holocaust survivors, terror victims, refugees, and single mothers, who need our assistance to survive. Your support is urgently needed as we reach out with food, housing, and financial aid to those in need. 

Please help us extend God’s love to those who are hurting!


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