Victim of Terrorism: Yelena’s Story

When her father died in battle during World War II, Yelena was a young girl living in Russia. This loss devastated her for a long time. But Lena overcame her grief, and went on to earn a medical degree, working as a maternity doctor for nearly 35 years. In 1996, married with children, she and her family immigrated to Israel. Then, tragedy struck her life again.

Within eight years, Yelena lost her mother, sister, brother, and husband—leaving her a widow at age 64. Eventually, her two grown kids moved far away. At her advanced age, COVID-19 restrictions made it nearly impossible for Yelena to see her family. And then, terror came to her home. 

The town she lives in, Sderot, endures constant rocket attacks from Gaza—and a recent attack completely destroyed Yelena’s front door, all her windows, and more. Plus, the interior needed wall repairs, plaster, and paint. But living on a meager pension, how could she possibly afford to make that happen? 

Thankfully, friends like you were there for Yelena in her time of need. She belongs to a supportive congregation that contacted CBN Israel. We provided a special grant that covered all the repairs needed—and she is thrilled with her safe, new living space. Gratefully, she says, “Thank you very much!”

So many people in the Holy Land are crying out for help. Your gift to CBN Israel can help many other terror victims, Holocaust survivors, and immigrant families in need—giving them aid and encouragement. Your support can bring them groceries, housing, financial aid, job training, and more—while sharing Israel’s news and stories with the world. 

Please join us in blessing Israel and her people in need!


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