Life-saving Bomb Shelter: Gil’s Story

Imagine waiting at a bus stop and suddenly hearing a bomb siren—with only 15 seconds to find shelter. Tragically, this is the trauma many Israelis face today, and it is taking its toll. 

Israel is no stranger to war and terrorism. The Israeli communities next to Hamas-ruled Gaza have endured years of rocket attacks from across the border. But the recent barrage has put the entire nation in the crosshairs and focused the world’s attention on their plight. 

Most Israeli apartments and homes are built with bomb shelters, which give residents added comfort to have a “safe place” of refuge. And the government does what it can to provide security for all who live there. Yet in rural border towns like Yesha, with growing communities, it has been difficult to keep up with the demand for outdoor emergency shelters. 

But friends like you were there in Yesha for Gil, a dad struggling with PTSD. He agonized over his children’s safety whenever he let them go to the local playground. CBN Israel installed a bomb shelter there, and in other vulnerable areas. Gil recalled, “Now with the bomb shelter at the playground, it is much easier for me to let them go and have fun being kids. Words cannot express how much this means to us, and the peace of mind this bomb shelter provides.”

And CBN Israel is helping many other terror victims, lonely refugees, and families in need—providing encouragement and generous aid.

At this crucial time in the Holy Land, your support can be a lifeline to those who are in crisis. You can bring groceries, financial assistance, safe housing, job training, and more—while sharing vital news and stories from Jerusalem. 

Please join us in blessing Israel and her people in need!

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