Holocaust Survivor: Lisa’s Story

“I was seven when we were forced by the Nazis into the ghetto,” Lisa recalled sadly. “Food was very hard to come by, and you’d wake up not knowing if you’d have anything to eat that day. Then each evening, we’d see carts going down the road—filled with the bodies of those who starved to death.” As a little girl, it was a terrifying image she would never forget.

Today, Lisa is a Holocaust survivor living in Israel. During this past year, the COVID-19 lockdowns and forced isolation caused those haunting memories of the Ukrainian ghetto to resurface. 

Lisa still remembers the constant, gnawing hunger—a trauma shared by many Holocaust survivors. Even when restrictions began to lift, she still suffered anxiety that she wouldn’t be able to go grocery shopping, due to her age and risk of catching COVID-19. 

But friends like you were there for her, through CBN Israel. We brought her food and supplies—making sure she was cared for while taking precautions to keep her safe. “It’s amazing that you would want to do this for me. It helps put my mind at ease, and I’m so grateful for it,” Lisa exclaimed. “It means everything to know that you remember us. May God bless you!” 

Your gift to CBN Israel can reach out with groceries and essentials to many other Holocaust survivors, single moms, refugees, immigrant families, and more. You can let them know that they are not alone.

And your support can bring humanitarian aid to those in crisis—while also broadcasting CBN News reports from the Holy Land and producing documentary films that share Israel’s untold stories. Help us bless this special land!


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