Elderly Widow: Huana’s Story 

When Huana immigrated to Israel with her husband and two children in 1989, the couple worked in a factory, and for years they were content. They lived in Sderot, and despite rocket attacks from Gaza, the family adapted. But then, her husband started behaving strangely.

One day, Huana got a frantic call from his boss, saying her husband was acting crazy and assaulting people. He was taken to a mental hospital—where he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Added to that, months later, her daughter was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Huana had to work two jobs as the family’s breadwinner. Drowning in debt and despair, she admitted, “I seriously questioned whether I wanted to live…” She made herself keep going for her family. 

Several years ago, Huana’s husband died, and she was now 67. Unable to work, she had difficulty walking, and her 32-year-old daughter needed constant supervision from her. She was barely surviving, weary, and longed for a miracle. And then, you came to her rescue. 

CBN Israel provided Huana with food packages and vouchers, so they could get groceries and other basic essentials during this difficult time. We also purchased brand-new furniture for this widow and her daughter.

And CBN Israel is giving so many like Huana hope in the face of challenges. We are there with compassionate relief, financial aid—and God’s love. Your support is crucial as cries for help persist throughout Israel. You can provide food and necessities for Holocaust survivors, refugees, and more. 

You can bless so many in need—please let us hear from you today!



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