Lone Soldier: Shoshana’s Story

Shortly after her parents emigrated from Bulgaria to Israel, Shoshana was born. Growing up, sadly, her home never felt like “home.” The fighting and screaming… Her childhood was filled with constant anxiety and stress, and she had a difficult relationship with her father. 

So, when it was time for her mandatory service in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), Shoshana was thrilled to have a reason to leave home. Serving as a mechanic, she only saw her father every few weeks, which was healthier, and made her visits home more bearable. 

But when she was released from the army with a meager stipend, she was forced to move back with her parents, as most recruits do. After being on her own, it was hard to go back to the place she wanted to escape. She had no peace and knew that in order to save her relationship with her parents, she needed to leave. Yet with little money, where could she go? 

Thanks to friends like you, CBN Israel was there. We sponsor a special home for lone soldiers. It’s a safe place for those without family or a strong support system—and for recently released soldiers in transition, like Shoshana. We gave her a stable, healthy environment, and she is now applying to study biblical counseling in college next year. She says, “The people here are my family. I’m so thankful… You’re truly filling in a gap for so many of us who have felt alone.” 

And your gift to CBN Israel can do so much more. You can deliver compassionate relief to victims of terrorism, lonely refugees, single moms, and more. In these uncertain times, your support is crucial, and can bring food, shelter, financial help, and essentials to the hurting. 

Please join us in blessing those in need across the Holy Land!


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