Holocaust survivor: Zinaida’s Story

It was 1941, and Zinaida was terrified. The Nazis had invaded her Jewish village in Belarus, and the Holocaust began. This child and her family were rounded up and had to live in a barn with the animals. Laboring in their own fields, all their harvests went to Germany—while they were left starving, with little to eat. It was a time of hunger and fear that stayed with her. 

Those who couldn’t work were killed. Only 15 people in Zinaida’s village of 3,000 were alive by the war’s end. Yet today, living alone in Israel, she struggles again to survive. 

Like many older Holocaust victims, she cannot get out like she used to. She has little money for groceries, and during the lockdowns this past year, her fear of hunger and isolation reminded her of past trauma. She admits, “Those memories of hunger have never left me. Not being able to see my friends, many of them Holocaust survivors, has been heartbreaking.” Where could she turn? 

Thankfully, friends like you were there for her through CBN Israel. Our staff brings Zinaida groceries and checks in on her, to help her feel less isolated. She is thrilled, and says, “It’s been so nice to have you come and bring me this food… Your visits are something I always look forward to, and that helps me get by. It means everything—I’m so very thankful for you!” 

And CBN Israel is bringing help and hope to so many seniors, single moms, refugees, young families, and others struggling in the Holy Land. At a time when many Israelis are in crisis, you can offer needed aid and encouragement. Your gifts can bring food, housing, financial help, and more to those in desperate situations.

Please join us in standing with Israel and blessing her people in need!


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