Single Mother: Ava’s Story

At age 46, Ava was suddenly starting over. She had moved to Israel from Eritrea, got married, and had six children. But her hopes for a good life were dashed when her husband became violent. Israel’s social services had to intervene—placing the children in foster homes and boarding schools. Finally, Ava divorced her husband and tried to reclaim her life and family.  

Working diligently with the welfare department, her children were returned back to her care. Hired as a professional cleaner, she also did side jobs, cleaning private homes to make ends meet. But when COVID-19 hit, the work from private homes stopped, with no other job options. 

Her low income from cleaning for businesses barely covered basic rent and electricity—and left no money for food, clothing, or other expenses. Plus, their apartment building was slated for demolition, so she desperately needed to find a new place to live. Where could she turn? 

Thankfully, Ava’s employer told her about CBN Israel’s program that assists single mothers in crisis. Friends like you helped her family relocate to a new apartment, and purchase needed furniture, such as beds and sofas. We also brought them food, clothing, and other essentials. Additionally, we bring them groceries each week. And we provided the children with a computer, to help with their education and studies. 

Ava is thrilled, saying, “I truly appreciate all the love you have shown my family!” And your gift can help others like Ava, who struggle to survive in Israel. The needs are so great. Your support can reach out to refugees, Holocaust survivors, and others with food, housing, and financial aid. 

Please join us in blessing others in need throughout the Holy Land!


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