Business Development: Aya’s Story

Aya was living out her dream. A 53-year-old married Ukrainian immigrant with two children, she had settled in northern Israel—and had a thriving clothing boutique.

Then, the pandemic struck… and the economy took a hit. People were not spending money as they had. Aya’s business was deemed non-essential during the lockdown, and she had to close her shop. With no money coming in, her debts rose. To make ends meet, she had to sell a whole year’s inventory at a loss. And to save on rent, she was forced reduce the size of her shop to a third of what it had been. Feeling desperate, she watched her business dream slowly die. 

Thankfully, friends like you were there for her through CBN Israel. One day, the head of our business development program visited her congregation, and offered her assistance. Aya saw that moment as “the hand of God” at work. We provided her with an action plan, and a financial grant to buy more inventory—as well as to cover her rent and debts and restart her business. 

Aya now has an income, and her boutique is recovering and growing again. She exclaims, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart… Through this astonishing generosity, I am experiencing the love of God afresh and anew!” And we are mentoring more like Aya with training and grants, and helping small businesses survive when so many have gone bankrupt. 

The needs in the Holy Land are so great. Your gift to CBN Israel can also offer aid to other vulnerable Israelis, including single mothers, refugees, Holocaust survivors, and more. Your support is crucial in reaching out with groceries, housing, financial assistance, and more to those in crisis. 

Please join us in blessing Israel and her people in need!


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