Victim of Terrorism: Carmi’s Story

He lived in a depressed area, where the economy was weak, and work choices were few. Carmi was very grateful for his factory job—and it provided just enough for his wife and two children. 

But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the economy worsened. Carmi lost his job—leaving his wife as the sole breadwinner with her small wage. Although they survived with emergency government welfare, their debts began piling up. Then, terrorism suddenly escalated from Gaza. 

Carmi’s city had seen sporadic rocket fire, but nothing like the 12-day barrage of sirens and rockets. After a year of lockdowns, the family was now confined to their bomb shelter. 

One day, Carmi took the children out for a little fresh air. Just then, the siren sounded, and he rushed his kids to the shelter. The children were safe—but as a rocket exploded nearby, he was hit with shrapnel. It left him 50% disabled, unable to work—and battling depression. 

Thankfully, friends like you were there for Carmi, through CBN Israel. We eased his family’s financial worries with immediate emergency aid. And we are giving Carmi the emotional support he needs to recover from the trauma he faced. Through local professional counselors who partner with us, he is finding peace again. Carmi shares, “I am very thankful you got in touch with us.” 

And your special gift to CBN Israel can help other terror victims—as well as single mothers, aging Holocaust survivors, immigrant families, and more. At a time when many are struggling to survive in the Holy Land, your support can provide food, compassionate relief, and God’s love to those in need. 

Please join us in reaching out to bless others!


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