Single Mother: Ludmila’s Story

As a single mother from Ukraine, Ludmila immigrated to Israel with her children to start a new life. She found a job as a caretaker for the elderly—but her work suddenly came to an abrupt halt. When the pandemic hit, her clients began caring for their own parents.

“I didn’t have many clients to begin with, because I was new to the job, so the work just stopped,” she recalled. “I was still struggling to learn Hebrew and didn’t know where to go for help. I felt so alone.” Yet, the hardest part for Ludmila was seeing how it affected her children.

She admitted, “It broke me, trying to explain to them why we could only eat the cheapest, most basic food. I felt so much shame.” And then, friends like you were there, through CBN Israel. 

We brought this family groceries in the midst of their challenges, and Ludmila exclaimed, “There is so much variety! The food is very nutritious, and my kids really enjoy it. It was such a wonderful surprise… It gave me hope.” Soon, she found a better job as a cleaner for the local courthouse—with more stability, and flexible work hours. Ludmila is excited for their future, and says, “I’m very grateful… your support has meant everything. Thank you!”

And CBN Israel is helping many in need who feel alone—including single mothers, new immigrants, elderly Holocaust survivors, veterans, and lone soldiers. We provide them with food, essentials, housing, financial aid—and hope. 

Your gifts to CBN Israel can bring compassionate relief to those who are impoverished across the Holy Land. Plus, you can share vital news from the Middle East, and award-winning documentaries that tell Israel’s stories. 

Please join us in reaching out today!


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