Victim of Terrorism: Dalia’s Story

As a 69-year-old widow, Dalia has two adult children who live on their own. Yet, one grown child still lives with her—a son who suffers from kidney disease. He is not able to work, and they survive mostly on Dalia’s pension. Living a simple life, they have managed to get by. 

But when 11 days of rocket attacks began from Gaza into Israel, Dalia’s city was in the line of fire. One day, they heard the 10-second warning siren. She and her son rushed to their apartment stairwell, which is their protected area. Suddenly, a rocket hit the apartment entrance, and the huge explosion caused Dalia to fall hard, suffering a stroke and trauma. 

Fortunately, her son was not injured—and after a few weeks in the hospital, Dalia recovered. Finally able to come home, she was glad her building was not destroyed. However, surveying the damage, many of her windows were cracked—and the blast left much debris, and damage from the shards. Living on a pension with a disabled son, how could she afford repairs? 

Thanks to friends like you, Dalia received help through CBN Israel. We offered her immediate emergency financial aid for food and essentials, as well as repairing the damage to her home. Plus, we are providing her with trauma counseling and encouragement, through local professionals who partner with us. Dalia exclaimed, “I thank you all very much!” 

And your gift to CBN Israel can help other terror victims recover—as well as providing for Holocaust survivors, refugees, and single mothers in need. So many in Israel are in crisis situations, with nowhere to turn. Your support can bring them food, shelter, financial aid, and other assistance. 

Please consider a gift to bless others in the Holy Land today!


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