Victim of Terrorism: Kalia and Havier’s Story

Kalia and Havier became Israeli citizens in 2000, and lived in Beersheva with their four children. Havier has been the full-time pastor of a large Spanish-speaking congregation for years—but when money was tight during the pandemic, he tried to find additional work. Being in his fifties and living in a rural area, jobs were scarce. However, he was an excellent carpenter. 

So, he took out a loan, bought tools and equipment, and opened his own small business. Tragically, soon after, someone broke into his workshop and stole everything. Havier was devastated. He is still paying back the loans, and now manages on a small government pension.  

Meanwhile, during an onslaught of rockets from Gaza into Israel, Kalia’s health took a turn. She had surgery, and while resting at home, she endured pain and panic attacks. One evening, the emergency siren sounded, and the family hurried to their bomb shelter. When they emerged, they were horrified to see that a rocket had hit their home. The water pipes had burst, flooding the interior, and all their belongings were destroyed. The couple was overwhelmed.

But CBN Israel was there to help. We provided emergency rent for a temporary place to stay, while their home is repaired. And we offered them trauma counseling from local professionals. Havier exclaimed, “We have been so blessed by your kindness and compassion!” 

Your gift to CBN Israel can rush relief to more terror victims—while supplying groceries, housing, financial help, medical aid, and essentials to those in need. So many are hurting in Israel. Your support can reach out to single mothers, refugees, Holocaust survivors, and others who are struggling. 

Please join us in bringing hope to those in crisis!


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