Single Mother: Monica’s Story

When Monica and her husband immigrated to Israel in 2000 with their infant son, they were full of hope. Settling in Ashkelon, their family grew to nine children, and Monica’s husband worked hard to provide for his wife and kids. But this past year, life took a tragic turn. 

As COVID-19 hit, Monica’s husband became extremely ill, and had to be hospitalized. She prayed fervently for his recovery, as she took care of the children at home. Sadly, he died in the hospital at just 50 years old. At age 48, Monica was now a widow with nine children—and no other family in Israel. Too stunned to cry, she said, “I was in deep shock … All that went through my mind was that I have to stay strong for the kids.” 

Then, just months later, Israel endured a constant barrage of rockets from Hamas-ruled Gaza. For 11 days, over 4,000 rockets hurtled into Israel—with Ashkelon as a major target. The effect on this grieving family was traumatic. The children were terrorized, hiding in the bomb shelter for days, with constant sirens and explosions nearby. There was nowhere safe to go. 

Thankfully, CBN Israel offered respite for Monica’s family. We gave them temporary shelter away from the frontlines, as well as nutritious food. It offered the children some peace, and Monica says, “It gave us some needed space to process that pain and grief.” 

As more people in Israel call for help, your gift can also provide them with groceries, housing, essentials, and financial aid—along with hope. At this critical time, your support is greatly needed and appreciated, as we bring aid to lonely refugees, Holocaust survivors, single mothers, and more. 

Please help us bless those who are struggling to survive in the Holy Land!


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