Lone Soldier: Anna’s Story

When Anna was a young girl, her family immigrated to Israel. Although she was not from a religious family, Anna came to faith in God as a Messianic Jew when she was 14. But in her teens, conflicts at home grew so intense that she was forced to leave and attend a boarding school—where she became more grounded emotionally and spiritually. 

Later, she was accepted into a program with the IDF (Israel Defense Forces), to help her prepare for life in the military. During this time, she needed a safe, healthy place to live, where she could also grow in her faith. But she had little money, and no family support whatsoever. 

Thanks to friends like you, CBN Israel has a home for lone soldiers like Anna. Her pastor, who once lived there, recommended it to her as a good fit. We gave her a safe haven while she attends the IDF program, and it has been life-changing. She enjoys the friendship and encouragement of other lone soldiers—and she has joined a congregation, where she is maturing as a believer. 

Anna is happy to belong to a caring community of friends, saying, “I am grateful to have found this place that I now call home. CBN Israel has shown me so much kindness and support!” 

Your gift can help so many in Israel who have nowhere to turn. You can provide food, housing, job training, financial assistance, and other aid for those in need, especially during the pandemic. 

And you can provide relief and hope to elderly Holocaust survivors, single mothers, terrorism victims, immigrant families, and more. Plus, you can bring frontline reports from the Holy Land through CBN News. 

Please join us in making a difference throughout Israel!


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