Winter Heater Distribution

Imagine living in an old, frigid apartment with little or no heating—and your fixed income barely makes ends meet. Whenever the weather turns cold in Israel, this is the plight of many impoverished seniors, single mothers, new immigrants, and others trying to survive. 

As the chillier months set in, many in low-income communities resort to dressing in layers or wearing jackets indoors, as well as covering themselves with thick blankets to stay warm. Living in a drafty apartment where you always feel cold is hard on many—whether it’s a mother with young children, a refugee family struggling to put food on the table, or an aging Holocaust survivor who needs that extra warmth. But where can they find help? 

Thanks to friends like you, CBN Israel is able to distribute heaters throughout the Holy Land each winter—using our broad network of local partners to ensure that the neediest are served first. 

We were there for a young pregnant immigrant woman with two children. Her husband earns little, and this family was thrilled to be warm again. We also delivered a heater to an elderly widow and mother, who is the sole provider for her mentally ill daughter. She is constantly worried about high heating bills and had no extra money for a heater. It was a godsend to her. 

And you can also help so many across Israel in other ways—with groceries, housing, financial assistance, and more. As the needs have grown during the pandemic, your gift to CBN Israel can provide aid and encouragement to the hurting, while sharing vital news and stories through CBN News and our documentary films.

Please join us today in reaching out!


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