Victim of Terrorism: Malka’s Story

Malka and her husband have weathered many challenges living in Israel. He has been disabled for years with severe spinal problems—and has undergone long periods of extensive treatment. Walking and speaking are now difficult for him, and the struggle has been discouraging. 

When Malka learned that her husband might not have a long time left to live, she wanted to do something special to lift his spirits and make him more comfortable. So, she bought new furniture and electrical appliances, to make their home more enjoyable. 

But soon after, Israel endured a barrage of rocket attacks from Hamas-ruled Gaza. And sadly, just one week after Malka’s brand-new purchases were delivered, a rocket made a direct hit on their home—demolishing both floors, and all their belongings. Even worse, shrapnel hit her husband’s head and destroyed his hearing. It drove him to severe depression. He cannot eat or sleep, and his body constantly shakes. But thankfully, loving people like you were there for them through CBN Israel. 

CBN Israel donors made it possible to give Malka emergency financial assistance, to help cover any essentials they needed. And the couple was offered trauma counseling through local professionals who partner with us. Malka exclaimed, “Thank you for this aid—we are overwhelmed by your kindness!” 

Your gift to CBN Israel can touch the lives of other terror victims, along with single mothers, immigrant families, and aging Holocaust survivors in need. With so many across the Holy Land in crisis, your support is crucial in offering them groceries, housing, financial aid, and more. Plus, you can help bring vital news with a biblical perspective, and documentaries that share Israel’s stories. 

Please help us make a difference in this special land!


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